Electronic substrate

Accelerating innovation

in next generation computing through Silicon Photonics

Today’s enhanced data processing and communication needs continue to fuel an insatiable drive towards ever increasing computing power.
As we approach the inevitable end of Moore’s Law after almost half a century, computing architectures will need to change dramatically in order for innovation to continue.

AIO Core’s silicon photonics building blocks will lead the way into this new era by bringing about the fusion of computing and optical technology.


Our Technology

Design Concept

Quantum Dot Lasers and Optical pins are well organized on Silicon Photonics substrate.

Si photonics

Automated "Laser Diode Mounter" and "Optical Pin Generator" are the proprietary machines.


Optical I/O Core can be easily connected to optical connectors, electrical sockets, etc.

Our Products

AIO core Co., Ltd. offers the world's fastest, smallest size, lowest power, and lowest priced Silicon-Photonics transceiver in the data center, between enclosures, between AV equipment, between boards, within boards, Offers.



NEDO Project for “Silicon-Photonics 32G Optical 
Transmitter/Receiver Development” successfully finished.


Joined “Innovation Field 2021” on the venture pitch.