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AIO Core offers optical transceivers,  IOCore®, that can operate for long periods of time over an industrial temperature range with extremely high reliability.

Our Vision

AIO Core follows the philosophy that
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

Our Vision

 IOCore® enables optical connectivity in high-performance computing, immersion cooling systems, 5G+ base-stations, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive, aerospace, and many other computing systems that require extreme high reliability in harsh environments. 

IOCore® enables NRZ signal transmission from 1 Gbps to 25 Gbps and 32 Gbps per channel operable in an industrial temperature range from -40°C to 100°C.

AIO Core leverages the advanced expertise of our team of over 30 engineers spanning electronics, optics, and packaging to provide compact, flexible, reliable, and low-cost customized solutions.

Our Vision



Management Team

The following Manegement Team was approved at the 6th Annual General Meeting of 

Shareholders held on June 22, 2023.

Hidetaka Fukuda

Hidetaka Fukuda


HIDE has 40 years’ experience in high-tech industries as Government Officer and Consultant, and has a wide network of contacts especially in semiconductor industry in Japan, US and Asia. He also had served as Special Advisor (Value Creation) at Silver Lake in 2008-2018.

He started his carrier at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). He was assigned Deputy Director of JETRO at San Francisco in 1998-2001, then was Managing Director of Information and Communications Equipment Division at MITI in 2003-2005. He retired from the office in 2006.

HIDE joined AIO Core as one of the co-founders in April, 2017. He was a board member and CSO (Chief Strategic Officer), and  is CEO from June, 2021.

Kazuhiko Kurata

Kazuhiko Kurata


KAZU had been the PETRA project leader for development “Optical I/O Core ” based on silicon photonics technology since 2012. He has over 30 years of experience and leadership in R&D and product development. He realized several optical fiber communications,optical interconnection modules and optical subsystems at the NEC Transmission Division,NEC Laboratories and PETRA. LD passive alignment technology, one of the keys of optical I/O cores, have been developed and completed with his leadership about 25 years ago.The advanced embedded optical interconnect module "PETITE" was also producted out in 2008,which is the initial stage of optical interconnection.

KAZU joined AIO Core in April 2017 as one of its co-founders. Since then, he has served as Director and Chief Technology Officer.

Shuichi Tahara.jpg

Shuichi Tahara


SHUICHI  has been Executive Director of PETRA for the management of research and development of silicon photonics and advanced IT system with photonics since 2016.  He was deeply involved in the founding of AIO Core as a co-founder. He was Vice President of NEC corporation before PETRA.  He engaged in management of research and development of Central Research Labs. In NEC, including silicon photonics, spintronics, superconductors, smart energy related technologies, and so on.  In 1988-89, he was a visiting researcher at Stanford University in the Applied Physics. He is a Fellow member of IEEE and The Japan Society of Applied Physics. He received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Kyusyu University in Japan.

SHUICHI joined AIO Core in June, 2022.  He is a board member and CFO from June, 2022.

Satoshi Mizusawa

Satoshi Mizusawa


SATOSHI works for RYOSAN Co. Ltd. more than 25 years. He is basically a semiconductor Field Application Engineer ( FAE ) expert. His application field covers not only various micro-processors but also customers VLSI applications, including FPGAs and Reconfigurable Processors.
He was General Manager, Systems Solutions Division in 2014.
From 2016, he is Executive Officer,Head of Corporate Solutions Division (present post)
Core in Octber, 2017 as a director, board member.

Koji Osawa

Koji Osawa


Dr. Osawa has over thirty-five years of experience in investment and management of high-tech companies in Japan, the U.S. and Asia. He co-founded Global Catalyst Partners in Silicon Valley (U.S.) in 1999 and Global Catalyst Partners Japan (GCPJ) in 2014. GCPJ focuses on investment opportunities primarily in Japan with $120M under the management.
Prior to GCPJ, Dr. Osawa was at Mitsubishi Corporation, the largest trading firm, for 14 years, starting in 1985. He was responsible for business development with high-tech companies in Japan, U.S. and Asian countries.
Dr. Osawa is on the board of 10 portfolio companies and serves on the Board of Directors of KITO Corporation (a public company at TSE) and Keizai Silicon Valley(NPO).
Dr. Osawa received a BS in Electronics from Keio University, Japan and Ph.D. in Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan.

Masato Marumo

Masato Marumo

Corporate Auditor

Masato is a business development expert with strong financial background as a PE/VC investor. Focus on technologies such as wireless technologies, semiconductors, electronic components, IoT/AI and agritech. Over 25 years of experience in bridging Japanese blue-chips to global markets and technologies.
Masato received MBA from Harvard Business School in 1996. In prior to MBA, he worked at the Industrial Bank of Japan for 10 years.
After MBA, he worked for Carley Japan LLC, Lazrd Frehe Co. Ltd. and Silver Lake Asia LLC (Japan national team).
Currently, Masato is a President & CEO of Origin Wireless Japan Co., Ltd. and a Director of MetCom Co., Ltd., etc.
Masato is a Corporate Auditor of A
IO Core since June, 2020.

Management Team

Company Profile

The first spin-off company from a technical research association "技術研究組合" approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, over 50 years history of "技術研究組合" in Japan

Company Name

AIO Core Co., Ltd.

アイオーコア株式会社 (in Japanese representation)


President and CEO: Hidetaka Fukuda


Head Office

Yamanashi Center

47-12-301, Sekiguchi 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0014 Japan
(Edogawa-bashi Build. 3rd floor)

Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture (In the Otsuki Plant of NECPF)


17th of April, 2017

Business Domain

Design, development, manufacture and sales of silicon photonics integrated circuits

Head Office

Company Profile

Company History


Started 4th round investment for developing mass production line of 32Gbps IOCore® (“Optical I/O Core”).


AIO Core, together with Fujitsu, NEC, Kioxia, Fujitsu Optical Components and Kyocera,  was selected for the "Development of Next-Generation Green Data Center Technology" in the "Green Innovation Fund Project/Construction of Next-Generation Digital Infrastructure" sponsored by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).


A New Coronavirus Special Loan of 400 million yen was provided by Japan Financial Corporation (JFC).


AIO Core was selected by NEDO, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, as the responsible company developing the next generation optical transceiver that works in high temperature more than 100 degree C as ambient temperature applicable to millimeter wave band 5G base station. The term of project is three years.


Accomplished 3rd round investment for developing mass production line of “Optical I/O Core”.


A long-term loan of 400 million yen was provided by Japan Financial Corporation (JFC).


Released Commercial Product of AIO Core as a result of 2nd round investment.

The products are exhibited at OFC 2019.


Accomplished 2nd round investment for developing commercial product.


NEDO project "Silicon-Photonics 32G Optical Transmitter/Receiver Development"

AIO Core proposed 32 Gbps optical transceiver was accepted as a NEDO grant and started its activities.


Released Engineering Sample as a result of 1st round investment.

AIO Core Announces Industry-First Ultra-Low Power and Extremely Compact Silicon Photonics Engine for 100 Gbps transceiver.

The samples are exhibited at OFC 2018.


Accomplished 1st round investment for developing engineering sample.


Established (Apr. 17th)

AIO Core is the first spin-off company from a "Engineering Research Association" approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry over 50 years history of "Engineering Research Association" in Japan

NEDO announced AIO Core establishment in their homepage.

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